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Freestyle is what you make of it, throwing flip tricks or dancing, it’s a sweet way to travel in style and navigate obstacles with a touch of flair.


Freestyle is a broad style of skating that developed back in the early days of skateboards and can be broken down into two main categories, Dancing and flip tricks. Dancing involves stepping around the board, skating on one foot, handstands and a whole lot more. As dancing involves so much movement by the rider, the boards are often larger and wider than all others. Flip tricks are moves more common to street skating but many variations and new moves have been made specifically for longboards.

While many boards are suitable for dancing some boards are specifically designed with dancing in mind. These boards are longer than most and have wide platforms with a subtle flex to add a spring in your step.

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If flip tricks are more your calling then you will need a lighter and smaller board. Freestyle boards designed for flip tricks are often built with fibreglass and bamboo to provide the right amount of flex and strength while still remaining light-weight. Boards such as the Vault Atlas also feature dual kick tails to provide both versatility and tons of options for all kinds of riding.

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