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Vault Fibreflex 62x46mm 83A

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Need some new wheels for your Fibreflex? Or want to pimp out your board with the latest, sweetest, smoothest little balls of joy you'll ever ride? The new Fibreflex wheels are for you. They are perfect for mini cruisers, double-kicks and smaller longboards and will revive your ride with smooth, fast rolling, easy sliding colourful goodness.

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Vault Fibreflex 62x46mm 83A

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    • Time to get sideways? Reach for the Vault Fibreflex 83A Wheels!
    • This 83A formula is a fast rolling smooth sliding dream formula that is perfect for long, smooth and predictable slides.
    • Available in a variety of colors to suit your style: from the thane painting, super buttery clear colours, to the longer lasting, faster and easier sliding solid colours.
    • When its time to get sideways and go big, reach for these!
    • Check out Vault team rider Dan Parish going big right here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeHr25aEx6k&feature=plcp
    • Think you can go bigger? send us your video Skateboard Express on Facebook and we might just send you something back!
    • 62mm x 46mm in size
    • 83A Duro Urethane
    • These wheels can be used as a replacement for Penny and Z-Flex wheels
    • *This is a set of 4 wheels*
    • Choose from:
      • Solid Pink
      • Solid Purple
      • Clear Orange
      • Clear Green
      • Clear Purple
      • Clear Blue

Customer Reviews

Nice thang By Richie on 23/06/15
Definetly can recomend them... go for that thanelines!
thane butter and flaspots By Sam on 22/03/15
grippy enough for some mlid DH when brand new then they are thaney and buttery and perfect....until they flatspot :/
will definately buy again though at$22!!!
Sickest Wheel out By George on 13/01/15
The Vault Fibre flexes are aimed at a low resistance free ride wheel and the certainly live up to there name. They have a minimalistic kick out perfect for your largers slides whilst also catering to un experienced riders. I would advise this wheel for anything other then downhill. Super stoked about this mad wheel i would heavily suggest buying them it will be the best 25 odd dollars you've ever spent!!!!!
very nice By Jordz Hunt on 1/01/15
So, me and a friend both got a set of the clear green Fibre Flex for christmas. Our first ride was very smooth, with great roll speed. These wheels when not broken in are grippy and fast. However after breaking them in we discovered that we really hit the jackpot with these wheels! The slide is like no other wheel we have ridden before (we have ridden and cored many differents sets of wheels). The slide is sooooo nice! They are a mixture of buttery-sugary goodness with extremely nice thane. The thane lines they leave behind you are truly great. However, when they start getting smaller as you wear them down they will start to oval a bit. (This is even when holding all your slides out under 90 degrees to avoid flatspotting.) I strongly suggest you buy these wheels 2 or 3 sets at a time, they do not last long. Anyway, overall these are some of the BEST wheels I have ever ridden.

Hugs and kisses

great wheel perfect for leaving your mark on the road By the perfect wheel! by luke 31/12/14 on 31/12/14
These wheels are so good better then most wheels I have used and there perfect for leaving your mark on the road. GET THEM!!!!!
Great wheels for the price By Christophe on 22/11/14
Cheap and really good.
Theses wheels are perfect.

You juste have to take care of them because you could easily have flat spot.
These wheels are INTHANE!!!! By Connor on 6/11/14
I got the clear orange and they are amazing best wheels that I have ever ridden!! They are soo buttery and not at all chattery at the start, they thaned first slide.
Thane Thane Thane By Morgan on 27/09/14
I have had Vualt Fibreflex for a while now and they are so good there thane lines are mint as fuck and roll speed is pretty good the only downside is when im doing speed checks they can flat spot hella easy.
excelent By jp france on 14/08/14
super roues silencieuse et soft a souhait !
une vrai reference dans ce domaine
les meilleurs roues quej ai pu tester
un prix imbatable et une livraison tip top rapide !
La grande class Vault !
Sick wheels By Finn on 14/07/14
These are easily the best wheels you will ever get for $28 and are amazing!
Very good By Alessio on 4/07/14
Bought them for my son (6 years old) and usend on a kriptonics mini-cruise and.
They are all we need.
Ther roll very well and they are very very quite.

only downside is the delivery... a little bit slow
Best Wheels to Date By Jake on 30/06/14
I ride these wheels on a Vandal and the new HybridZ from surf rodz and just WOW!! Like holy wow! They are buttery and smooth and just glide along the road! Dump bulk thane which is super dope! The wear pattern is amazing! Because of the center set hub you can just flip em right over!! Best $28 iv'e ever spent! Love em <3
Not bad! By Will on 28/04/14
these wheels aren't too bad but i flat spotted mine pretty easily! defiantly worth the price but just be aware.
Smooth, Smooth, Smooth By John on 3/03/14
The core holds the bearings in perfect alignment and the trans colour looks great. They roll well and are very quiet. Good grip with a controlled slide. Excellent!
fun while they last By lee on 28/02/14
Took me 2 slides to wear them in then they were all i wanted in a wheel right to the core. Do shorter slides to make em go further. Chea
#vault4lyfe By Jake fairclough on 16/02/14
Awesome wheels, dump chubby thane
great beginner wheel and so easy to break in!

if you starting out longboarding or just cruising around, don't hesitate once to get these wheels.

only downside is durability, these wheels don't last longer than a day if you do big standies say bigger than 15m
but if they're 180's you know, not too big maybe 4-5m they'll last you longer :)

Most Consistent Slide Evver By Sammy on 15/02/14
love them took like a week to take them to the core and they leave bulk thane better for faster free ride and took me 2 pendys to break in! fav wheels at the moment comparable to butterballs but they are better!!
Very good! By Manu on 20/01/14
Good wheels for everything!
Specially slides....
Sick Wheels By Nip on 6/01/14
These wheels should definitely be bought by anyone considering it. They can be used for plain cruising and they'll make cruises sweet and smooth but when you use them for sliding, that is when these babies show off their real talent. If you get the clear colours, you'll thane off whatever colour you have and you'll have buttery slides but they will wear off more easily. The solid colours tend to be a bit icy and unpredictable, not as much thane but they will live much longer than the clear ones.
Great wheel for sliding By zimmy zinga on 29/12/13
Best slide ever , so sugary and chalky at the same time, my only negative is how fast the wear. I cored a set in three sessions. I would definately get another set...
sick By Jack on 12/12/13
im am only about 50 kg and these wheels have lasted for ages in in the uk where the weather is cold
amazing By luke streater on 24/11/13
these wheels are great for beginners, but like many have said they wear down to fast, i rode them for 3 hours and have started coning already, but then again they are 28 bucks and are definitely worth it
Pink Solid Fibreflex By Miles on 20/11/13
here is a video of me riding solid pink fibreflex
Insane By TEEMAY on 13/11/13
sugary, fun wheels to use. even as an intermediate skater, these wheels lasted about 2-3 months and provided a great sliding experience. i love them and i hope to get my third set soon! i previously skated the blue and green colors and i did find a slight difference in the way they slid but all in all they had the same feel.
almost perfect By ben on 28/10/13
these are amazing wheels for beginners and more advanced, only problem is they wear down far to fast but if your a beginner learning to slide i highly recommend these wheels, they are also unbelievably cheap!
greatest wheels By tomas on 6/10/13
these wheels are amazing but the only downside is that they flat spot way to easy but for the price they are unbelievable
great wheels By kilekkman on 2/10/13
the vault fibreflex wheels are great wheels for sliding if you want to do controlled slides these are the wheels to get. they take at most 5 minutes to break in. so you can get sliding almost strait away. i would recommend them to anyone who wants to slide, they are great for beginners. over all they are great wheels and at just $28 they are great value:) :) :)
fibrelex By Louis on 2/10/13
fibrelex are very good wheels for slaiding an they are very nice
good By Johnny on 19/09/13
hard to break in but great once you do! love em
sick ass wheels By alex jovanovich on 18/09/13
these wheels are one of the best wheels they thane heaps they slide like butter you can get them down to the core easy but the only problem is how fast they wear but great wheel over all and there cheep
sick wheels sick postage time By swanagesesions on 14/09/13
great wheels for everything at a sweet price, easy to buy fast postage and arrived with loads of stickers, very happy
the best choice if you want to freeride and slide By barry21 on 11/09/13
the vault fiberflex are great! slide have a very good and very smooth. these wheels are the best I have ever tasted and are very cheap in relation to quality. the vault fiberflex are the best choice if you want to freeride and slide.
best wheels ever!!! By simo on 7/09/13
these are the best wheels iv ever ridden so buttery and the amount of thane is amazing i didnt think they'd last me long but i bugered my leg so im out for 6-8 weeks they'll last me for while
One of the best thane ive tried By Carlos GA on 21/07/13
Fiberflexes are made of one of the best thanes ive ever tried, it is true that they dont last like bigger or more famous wheels, but for sure ill get them soon to play around... This are small fast wheels, i just could throw slides at 60-65km/h knowing how they were going to respond.

If you like thanelines, you are buying the right wheel. Thanelines appear just checking, and if you know how to slide at less than 90º you wont flatspot never.

For me vault fiberflexes are 9/10, not ten because of the short life if you shred hard 24/7.

Will definetly buy some more sets. You wont get any better for this price...worth 100%
Thane in Hot Pink By Philip on 4/07/13
Vault Fibreflex are great wheels for learning new slides. They are best suited to freeride. They are not good for DH or cruising because of their small contact patch and subsequent lack of grip and roll speed. I bought these wheels beacuse they were the cheapest new freeride wheels available. You could spend NZ $95 on a set of Abec 11 Freerides, but why do that when you can purchase 3 sets of Vault Fibreflex in the colour of your choice!
So good! By Jake on 17/06/13
These wheels are great! Really grippy at first but when worn in, they slide so nicely and smoothly, and leave massive thick lines! Really good wheels if you're on a budget and slide as well as a lot of other more expensive wheels!
Great Wheel By Oli on 14/06/13
Just rode these wheels today for the first time, took only about 5 or so slides to break in, super easy to use and were surprisingly grippy out of the plastic. Still breaking them in so they're much nicer but not at that perfect buttery stage but after a good session on the weekend I know they will be! They leave sick as thane lines!! I love these wheels because of their small size, and mad thane lines. The transparent green ones are the ones I've got and they work great, leave sick thane, and are easy to use.

Love at First Slide By Jazza on 12/06/13
these are amazingly cheap wheels for what they are. they are really quiet and the slides are extremely smooth. they are my absolute favorite wheel! they are really cheap and great fun to skate. i would recommend them to anyone.
Nice wheels By davis on 6/06/13
the fibreflex wheels are so good for their price. Very nice sliding
Amazing wheels!! By Alvaro on 1/06/13
I review in spanish, 80 reviews in english right now..

Unas ruedas increibles, en cuanto les quitas la primera capa de urethano empiezas a hacer los slides muy muy suaves y predecibles.. Las clear son una gozada pero pueden flatear mas facil que las solid si no haces los slide bien y se gastan mas rapido... Las solid las veo mas equilibradas por la durabilidad...
AWESOME!!! By McSwagga on 30/05/13
This is the 3rd time in a short period i have bought the clear fibreflex's. so much than, great sugary slide and feel great all up. best wheels around for less than $30
best wheels i ever had By harrison.godbee on 30/05/13
these fibreflex wheels are a beast and i defentaly recommend buying these wheels
they are really quiet and great for sliding
Fibreflex Clear Green By Mayhem on 29/05/13
These wheels fit perfectly on my Wolfshark without any wheelbite. I had them broken in within about 30 minutes. I wouldnt mind them being pre-broken in. The thane lines they leave are just awesome. They even grip a bit. However they wear very quickly, as I wore them down about 5mm in the first 2 hours. I would compare them to 84a zombie hawgz or almost cored abec 11 flywheels. The worst part about this wheel is that they are literally a magnet for flatspots. Considering how fast they wear, I woulnt mind them being a bit cheaper.. But overall good wheel (while they last), cheap, small, good roll speed, and you'll paint your local spot. 3,5 STARS
raddest wheels By Benthommo on 25/05/13
these wheels are great for everything, before broken in, theyve got a good roll speed so you can use them for downhill, but after a couple of slides theyre really nice free ride wheels, easy to kick out, and easy to bring back in, one problem ive faced is chunking on the lip not that it effects the ride, but doesnt look good on a core, im onto my 5th set of fiberflex in 3 months, and i love them, gonna buy them for years.
MINT! By riley on 19/03/13
yeah i thought they were amazing wheels although they wore really quickly and mine were gone within 6day
and if you are to buy a pair get the clear colours there a lot better :P
Super good! By Jimmy on 26/02/13
Fibreflexs wheels are really sick wheels. I have ridden many wheels over the past year and they are still my number one favourite. Personally, I don't like the solid colours as they are too icy for me, but I absolutely love the clear colours. They took about 2 months for me to core as I am only small, but the still leave rad thane all over the road. Amazingly cheap for there ride aswell. The only thing I can say is get them for sure!
Very, Very Nice Wheels By Harry on 19/02/13
These we the first set of wheels I started to wear and I really liked them. Absolutely dump thane and they feel good doing it! Quite an effort to break in, but it is only for a good, 5-10 minutes, then they turn to butter. Definitely worth getting a set if you haven't had them before!
Amazing By James on 23/01/13
Fibreflexs wheels are really sick wheels. I have ridden many wheels over the past year and they are still my number one favourite. Personally, I don't like the solid colours as they are too icy for me, but I absolutely love the clear colours. They took about 2 months for me to core as I am only around 38kg, but the still leave rad thane all over the road. Get em!
sickest wheels ever for freeride By Rebecca Roe on 14/01/13
ive bought three sets of these wheels and each took about 2 days to core, so not so good for wear but ive had no problems with flat spotting or ovaling, just have to rotate them when they cone. These have the best slide i have tried, they slide so easily and for daysssss. All thane sick, green ones leave bright green thane. Only problem i had with my first pair straight after coring a wheel i rode over a roundabout and it chunked and i mean half the wheel broke off!
sick wheels though buy them worth the fast wear for such a cheap price
Good wheels By Bec on 10/01/13
sick wheels, but wear down in like 2 good sessions, cored them but then rolled over a roundabout and half the wheel ripped off. Need to keep rotating them because they cone fast.
overall buy them again as they slide for daysss, and thane sick
review of the vault fibeflex wheels By jack on 5/01/13
well i expectid the clear wheels not to flat spot and the solid coulres to last longer as they cored in a week or two so i moved on abec 11 flashbacks
Pretty Good By Jacob on 3/01/13
I like these wheels they have quite a nice slide and have very good thane lines. Unfortunately mine came with a crack in the urethane which is a shame but other than that great wheels. :)
Great! By Zac Smith on 29/12/12
Great for long, smooth and controllable slides. Leave loads of thane lines too which can be both good and bad, good because they look and feel awesome and help you measure your slides, bad because they cause the wheels to wear down quite fast. The only downside that i can find to these wheels is as i said the speed in which they wear down, but at the low price of 28$ you can hardly complain. Worth the money.
Fibreflex wheels By Tyler Paroz on 27/12/12
These wheels are great. They wear in quick and once they do they are great for sliding. It's easy to whip around a quick standup 180 because they give way and let you slide when you want to. Overall excellent.
Awesome! By Sean on 22/12/12
These wheels are amazing, great thane and excellent to slide on. Will definitely be getting some more
Vault Fiberflexs By David Mckay on 19/12/12
Hi Guys,
The Vault fiberflex wheels are a great set for fast freeride. They leave steezy thane and are easy to slide on. the vault Fiberflex wheel is a awsome shred and i totally recommened them.
Big hit By Ryan on 18/12/12
My nephew loves these wheels and asks me to send him some to Canada every few months. Also, the quick shipping and customer service have been excellent. Will definitely be a returning buyer.
Orange FibreFlex By byron on 12/12/12
Good News: these wheels are awesome, really nice sugary slide, very predictable

Bad News: really uneven ware do to the enormous amount of urethane left on the road
Fibreglass Wheels By Shayne Halliwell on 9/12/12
Bought these for my 10 year old son and he loves them. His toe slide and heel side slides have greatly improved, about 15 meters, and he is now gaining confidence with stand up slides. I think we will be ordering these again REAL soon. :)
Awesome! By Hayden on 5/12/12
Although I found them hard to break in, the Vault Fibreflexes are insane once they have been thrashed enough! The only with them is that they core pretty quickly - but for $28 delivered, who can complain? Excellent wheels.
Vault Fibreflex By Bob Hawkins on 3/12/12
Solids are good for sliding and they last long. Clears thane a lot more than solids but wear down and core a lot easier. I have solid pink and next vault fibreflexs will definately be clear orange.
fibreflex By matiu on 2/12/12
these wheels are great i just got some clear purple and solid pink both thane great and the pink ones are icy but well very predictable to they slide great i have not really riden the purple ones yet anyway great wheels thanks SBE
Stoked By Blake on 28/11/12
So Stoked with these sexy wheels just Stoked
vault fibreflexes By zac smith on 27/11/12
these wheels are a great wheel for sliding. they have a very sugary slide and when you wear them in they thane like cray.
fibreflex By Doni Ridho Kurniawan on 18/11/12
the best wheel i ever had... definitely will get them again once my 2nd sets is running out :P
clear purple fiberflex By Hamish on 12/11/12
These are the best wheels ive ever had! they leave awesome thane and let you get sideways for ages. I topped my record of 8 meters to 13 meters on these awesome wheel. id recommend them to any longboarder. when i core these ill be getting new ones for sure.
Yeh Boi By Hamish on 8/11/12
These wheels are great but wear down really past if you're doing massive freehide you may want top buy two sets. They thane everywhere and 4 thane lines are easy enough.
Wheels By Denham on 6/11/12
Wheels are fantastic - fast delivery thank you
Awesome By Atticus Burton-Stoeve on 4/11/12
I love these wheels. I got the clear purple ones and they thane like mad.
Fibreflex Wheels By Angus_69 on 3/11/12
These wheels are great for freeriding but i got a massive flat spot in my second session and i cored them on my 4th session. Wish the lasted longer or were bigger.
Vault Fibreflex wheels By Fletcher Jaschke on 2/11/12
The vault fibrelexes are a great wheels for sliding at the cheapest price out of all the wheels on the market a great bargain.
awesome By ryan on 30/10/12
i love them they thane everywhere but the only bad thing is they flat spot so easy
AMAZING!!!! By Seamus Keane on 25/10/12
these wheels are amazing, i have the clear formula and they thane like crazy, the solid formulas wont thane but they last longer, i lost 8 mms of thane in under 10 minutes, thats how much they thane!
Thane By Ben on 24/10/12
These wheels are great, however if you want fat thane, go the clear. The solid don't thane at all, but they last longer than the clear. my point is that ill be buying set after set for years.
Awesome By Murfster on 18/10/12
A great wheel great for sliding but do cone so rotate regularly
wheels By Nick Veliou on 13/10/12
i got the soild pink wheels but there not leaving any thane does it need to be brockern in first to make thane?
Brilliant. By Danozz on 12/10/12
Definately an excellent wheel. Very buttery. Great quality. I'd recommend them to anyone
fibreflex By josh on 8/10/12
these wheels are so good for twenty eight $ they are the best wheels you can get in australia under 45$
OOHH YAHHH By harry on 4/10/12
These wheel are soooooooo good leave the fattest thane lines, very predictable, slidy butter not icy at all. They cost $28 so they are very affordable compared to otangs which are $80 so u can get like 3 sets for like the price of 1. so it is a very nice wheel. Although when are you gonna restock them since they have been out of stock for like 1.5 months. The clear wheels are better than the solids.
great wheel By james on 3/10/12
the solid colours are great, maybe less thaney, but still amazing. i made the mistake of doing a push race on them but for everything else theyre great
Very Sexiful By Bill on 24/09/12
I learned to slide on these puppies. leave a thick thane on the road, so i got two purple and two pink at a time and did some art for the locals on my favourite street. they wear fairly quick so rotate them and change up your slides. rather than get the same wheels for three times the price, get three times the wheels and get an even better slide. i had abec 11's and these made them look like stones attatched to my board. THANKS SK8XPRSS
fibreflexs By nick on 22/09/12
really god slide straight from the pack and thane
Amazing! By Algy on 20/09/12
I actually like the slide of these more than my Freerides, they are really just great wheels. They wear quickly, but for $30 I can deal with that. The clear thane is easily better than the solid, leaves the best thane lines.
Awesome!! By Jordan M on 16/09/12
Clear orange
Great wheel, provides a great predictable slide. Thanes SOOOO much!! that being said they wear kinda fast.. but for $30 its worth it!! willl definitely be buying again!!
fibreflex wheels By Deeks on 13/09/12
Awesome value - thane lines like nothing else I've ridden! predictable, controllable slides.
Great Wheels By Fibreflex on 12/09/12
Love them. So slidey and they leave tonnes of thane!
Fibreflex By T on 10/09/12
I really liked the urethane and the price, but i would really love to see them in a bigger centerset shape. Like a raceform/abec 11 freeride type mould
mad wheels - just dont last very long By ryland on 9/09/12
these wheels are great!
leave fat thane lines on big standies
cord them really quickly though
make sure you always flip them for even wear so no flatspots
Clear Orange By Michael on 7/09/12
They slide really buttery and nice, only problem is it wears down so much faster.
vault fiberflex By Ben on 7/09/12
amazing freeriding wheels, leave nice thick thane, if buy multiple sets of different colours the thane is different colours and when you slide you can look like a pretty gnarly shredder
Madness By Zac on 5/09/12
These are great these are better than most orangatangs I've ridden, They say they were off quick but you can get two pairs 4 (2 sets) for 56
dollars while stims are like 50 dollars for only the one set , 4 wheels. Get these , greatest slide ever.
Love them
Fibreflex By Dale smith on 4/09/12
Really great wheels, they slide amazingly.. but i would love to see them in a 70mm+ size
great wheels for there price By casey hallam on 25/08/12
these wheels are great for there price here in australia you cant go wrong compared to the price of the american brands great wheels thanks vault
wheels By Simo on 22/08/12
quality of wheels above expectation.
translucent colors will wear faster than solid colors. Overall great wheel for price, smaller size allows you to set up lower board height which i like for high speed runs, slides etc.
vault fibreflex By spencer on 18/08/12
they are amazing! they slide so well.
the only problem is they core too much and wear down.
vault By vault on 12/08/12
great for freeriding leave alot of thne but not recommended for cruising there pretty slow
Amazing By Rhys on 11/08/12
these wheels are amazing, they slide so nice, leave thick thane, and for me they didn't wear down too quickly for me because im light and slide well under 90 degrees, i can slide 40ft + and no flat spots aswell
awesome By justin on 5/08/12
i love my vault fibreflex wheels they are really slidey and thane lines are great! 1 thing i would change is the size :( my landyatchz switch is a little weird with such small wheels but i dont care that much since they slide so will :)
Should You get these? By Michael Gould on 3/08/12
If you thought to yourself "hmmm should i get these or not" then i can tell you right no you should just click add to cart without any hesitation these are amazing wheels for a super cheap price LOVE them. They slide so great and leave a fair amount of thane on the road!
fibreflex By Max Warlow on 1/08/12
I got the clear blue and they are the best all round wheels that I've ridden. Mine are lasting really well and not wearing down like people said they would.
fibreflex By vault fibreflex on 31/07/12
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pjzz8ljnTVY&feature=plcp this is a review that i did on the vault fibreflex
vault fibreflex clear purple By jarred gobbiez on 28/07/12
the vault fibreflex's are an amazing wheel which I would buy any day! the only problem that I had was I cored them in one day and i think it's wrong way off set? I'm not too sure. but it's my favorite wheel at the moment. thanks skateboardexpress.
Friken awesome By Tom Matheson on 21/07/12
these wheels offer buttery slides and thane like crazy they are sweet as :D
Yummy By matt pollock on 16/07/12
hoolllly nice. Best thane lines the just love my board slide like lube on axles yummy.
fibreflex By Damon Squire on 15/07/12
These wheels are a great all round wheel. they are great for stand ups and great for any hands down slide your up for. they thain great so it is easier to judge how big your slides are. i love these wheels! :)
A Freeride Dream! By Michael on 10/07/12
Got the Clear orange set.
Was a dream to slide on and I'll definitely be getting another set!
Vault Fiberflex By Nathaniel on 30/06/12
Great wheel. after wron in they thane and slide soooo well great wheel need to last longer though..... :)
AMAZING GET THEM!!!!!! By Curtis Leunen on 27/06/12
The Wheels Are Great, awesome, Wikid !!!!!! thanks SOOO MUCH!!! they are Amazing!!! so slidey Smooth great all round wheel did some bombs on them and 15m standies and no flatties!! so imprest with the wheels soon to buy another set!!! buy them EVERYBODY!!!
Wheel Review By Thomas on 24/06/12
These wheels are awesome for sliding, can do some pretty big standez, unfortunately they don't last long, but for 28 bucks why not buy them
Fibreflex wheels review By Mark Halden on 19/06/12
Absolutely amazing wheels! love them so much after my first hour of riding them i went home and ordered 4 more sets!
amazing By alex on 17/06/12
seriously these are the best wheels i have riden there so good for free ride. so easy to kick out and so predictable. so thaney aswell. only bad thing is its really hard to get a perfect core because when they are worn down they chip preety easy but yeah. amazing def buy them
Buttery treats By Flipper on 26/05/12
These wheels are like balls of butter, they thane like you wouldn't believe and break out into the nicest slide I have ever ridden! For only $28 you cannot go wrong with them! Don't just listen to me, go buy a set and start shredding!!!
Buttery smooth By James on 22/05/12
These wheels are so smooth and thane like crazy, they were in easily and the urethane is buttery, great wheel, buy it, you won't regret it
fibreflex wheels review By luke on 20/05/12
BEST WHEEL! easy to break in, thane like crazy, so sooth, only $28, can get them to the core really well, perfect wheel for freeride but dont hold them at 90 you will flatspot -_-
Sickkk wheels By Morgan on 20/05/12
these wheels are some of the best ive ridden for such a low price. the thane and how smooth the slide is is definitely worth the $28. i will 100% be buying another set very soon.
Great By Jonah on 18/05/12
got these wheels today, took only 5 min to break in, when done so, they slide like a dream, leaving thane everywhere. only pair of wheels i buy from now on :)
Amazing By Norman Ryan on 15/05/12
These wheels are awesome they thane sooo good, but they flat spot kinda easy. The thane is so buttery and you can control standiesnreally easy!!
Best Wheels By Connor on 8/05/12
these are the best, iv been sliding on these like no other wheels and so smooth! And the thane on the clears are ridiculous. for $28 i highly recommend these wheels for free riding!
Saweet By Cameron on 4/05/12
These wheels are really nice to slide and freeride on. The clear colours are so sugary and thane' so much as well. They are super good for $28 the only downside is that they dont last long but the slide is so great!!!
Soooooooo Goooood! By Tom on 25/04/12
These wheels are so nice and smooth and are clearly better than my orangatanh stimulus wheels. And for $28 you seriously can't go wrong. Thanks skateboard express!
so good for their price By Corban Fewster on 18/04/12
very smooth to slide on, slow wearing and cheap!
one of my favorite wheels to freeride.
Smooth By Ben on 16/04/12
These wheels make it so easy to break out into slides and keep them in control. Best wheels for freeriding
Best Wheels Ever! By Tom on 5/04/12
these wheels are so quiet and better than my previous set of orangatang stims, these wheels are easy to break out and easy to hold out.

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